SBDN foundation, Motihari

SBDN foundation chamaran is an NGO, Headquarters in East champaran, Motihari. S.B.D.N foundation was founded by ‘Shri Bhakt Das Nath Panthi’ who was the great follower of Nawsidoth Panth.
He was born on 22nd April 1833 at East Champaran District, Ramji Dubey Tola, Post- Laukhan, PS-Dhaka, Bihar. He was the founder/inventor of Unomani Yog Darshan.

SBDN Foundation was layed on 22nd April 2016 by B.D. Ram to continue to realize the dreams of Baba (Guru) Which was discontinued many years ago. Sant Shri Bhakt Das Nath panthi was the great follower of Baba Guru Gorakh nath. Who used to come from in the Terai region of Nepal for concentration at his work. This foundation was layed after 123 years of incarnation and is still in the service of development in all sectors of humanity. ...
Aims and objects of Foundation
As mentioned in our constitution of India, keeping the main Aim of the said foundation was to property educate the illiterate people of backward Villages, to provide education to every boys and girls, prohibition of alcohols, planning and development of backward. Villages and areas, to remove the state of corruption to propagate the peoples in social service etc.

Our moto and vision of SBDN foundation
1. Right to education for the poor Children between are of 2-8 years old as mentioned in the constitution of India.
2. Optimum utilization and preservation of natural resource.
3. General awareness for family planning and prohibition of alcohols.
4. Awareness about the health education and physical/mental fitness.
5. Women empowerment at backward villages.
6. General awareness to education, dairy project, fishery,plantation, goat, farming, Small Industry, safe and hygienic environment and to relate all people with the main line of society etc.
7. Celebrating the “Jayanti Samaroh” of to great sant, social reformers and leaders of society, development of the society with new inventions, creative ideas and planning every year.
8. Following the aim and work of foundation Gyan Bodh School (G.B.S.) was founded in the All over India and establishment of similar school at every needy Gram Panchayat Village. At every place and time our foundation is there for you.

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SBDN Foundation

SBDN foundation Motihari was founded in 22 April 2016. An NGO for all over india, our headquarter is in Motihari, East Champaran. We feel happy to help.

Authorized as NGO

REGT : S000855, Date : 28/03/2017
AF ID : B0207032700836 (All over India)
भारत नीति आयोग : Unique ID - VO-NGO BR-2019/0239993

Office Address

Shree Niketan, Dhaka Road
Motihari, Eastchamparan, Bihar
India, Pin - 845401

Contact us

Phone Number : +91 9471979152
Whatsapp Number : +91 7033027520
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